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The Association

Alexandre’s promise

We opted for two ways to offer support :

  • With the organization of round-table discussions, meetings during which each and everyone of us will have the possibility to share their experience…
    Precious moments during which we will find the strength to continue on the path of life / keep going as best we can
  • With the organization of conferences whose aim is to encourage new thoughts on the surprising discoveries which have been troubling the world of science for decades. Investigative journalists, psychoanalysts, scientists on all sides, doctors, “experiencers” will be sharing their knowledge and discoveries.
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Try to understand all of life’s richness, for life…
That is why all profits from the book sales, as well as from any other event in the name of the association, will go towards helping to make a child’s wish come true, in order to give him/her the strength to fight the disease.

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